New hairstyle?

Похоже новые причёски входят в моду… есть смысл попробовать? 😄

Beautiful, isn’t it?

I like this one!

Sounds jap, or as I prefer to say, the world of tomorrow =

More grooveboxes?

Recently I found myself into discussion on Novation Circuit channel about getting additional groovebox to pair with. The conversation starter, Mike Butler, suggested three options: new Akai MPC One, a good ol’ Digitakt and decent classic Electribe, which later will be shamed. First of all, a newcomer, or how we say, novichok, is released recently…Read moreRead more


Sorry Jacob Haq. The sounds are awesome! Now i would finally upgrade my iPad. How do you feel about using iPad as a module? We can still go dawless, right?)

Volca Performer

Korg Volca instruments gave us all an ultimate inspirational power, least to say, since 2014. Look how close to a musician new synth wave is.

Нестареющий sandstorm

Удивительно, что композиция Darude ‘Sandstorm’ не устаревает в плане мелодики и является современным «стандартом», который принадлежит теперь истории и на котором каждый вправе попрактиковаться.